“Be who you are and say what you mean.

Because those who mind don’t matter

and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

Who am I?

I’m a goal-driven pleasure-seeker – everything in life has to accomplish something, and is has to add to the overall pleasure of life, or it’s simply not worth doing.

I am a person of many passions and tend to approach all things in life with a simple question that must be answered: “What’s the point?”  Acceptable answers may vary, but the need to know the answer before I can dedicate myself to something is a necessity.

I am a life observer and interpreter.  I love living and watching others live life with passion and fulfillment.

I find delight in the simple and small, and some of my greatest wisdom has been learned from the most ridiculous of truths.

I believe that all things are possible, but that not all things are probable.

I believe that there is one God, who rules the universe.  My desire to know and please Him drives my passions, fulfillment, and sense of wonder.

I have a child’s mind—searching, curious and uninhibited, and an aged soul—entering into things that I have no reason of knowing.

I accept that truth is still truth, even if I don’t understand or can’t explain it.

Right and wrong are still absolutes, even when my mind can’t clearly tell the difference.

I’m difficult, easy to get along with, complicated, loving, giving and demanding,

am my values and my character—I am consistent in my beliefs and my dedication to live my life according to them.  This part of myself can only change if it is for the better. We must always be growing, but never wavering.  Always consistent, no matter the situation.  This is our foundation, who we really are when everything that doesn’t really matter is stripped away.

Personality?  That’s a little tricky, which one would you like to know?  I have multiple personalities, not schizophrenia; I have no disrespect for those with true confusion.  No, I know who I am, every single one of me, and we all get along…most of the time.

I have a husband and soul-mate who appreciates my diversity and encourages my various outlooks on this great, wonderful, difficult, inspiring thing we call life; and I absolutely adore him for that.  He tells me that I am many things, and boring isn’t one of them.

My Passions:

Central to who I am is my passion for pursuing a relationship with God and building an awesome marriage with my loving husband.

I love music and can genuinely appreciate every variety for what it is.  Though I have my personal favorites (and they’re many), I believe that each one has a different message and evokes a specific emotion that has its place in the world.

I love movies and believe that they are a powerful medium that can capture, and hold, the attention of a mass number of people.  Movies are special because, in only a few hours, we can experience a lifetime of seeing through another person’s eyes, and that can change us forever.

Food is a great passion of mine.  Whether eating or making it, food is a joy that bridges cultures and brings people together to live and love and experience one of life’s simple pleasures.

Languages, cultures and travel are also passions.  I enjoy stepping outside myself and entering into another person’s world, communicating with them in their language, eating their food, dancing their dances, walking their paths.  The world becomes both infinitely bigger, with never having time to experience it all, and transparently smaller, recognizing that when we get past the extremities of life, we are all still people with hopes, dreams, beliefs and expectations.


I hope you enjoy seeing my perspective on what is, what isn’t and what could be.  I hope you laugh and cry and scream and sigh and grow and become and do.  I don’t expect to be the catalyst for all of these things, but I do hope you’ll share them with me, and that maybe, we could be friends.

Welcome…to my world.